Shilajit For Male Health Issues

Shilajit for Male Health Issues

Dwellers of mountains, especially men are known to be very strong. They endure extreme weather conditions and survive strongly on a day to day basis. One of the reasons for their strength is a regular use of Shilajit. They are using this rich in mineral natural resin for centuries, which allows them to live longer and stay fit. It contains over 80 minerals that are essential for human body. It has various potent substances, including fulvic acid, humic acid, and other antioxidants. These powerful elements are very useful for male health.

To get a better idea of how effective shilajit is for men, following are some key benefits of this supplement.

Improves Low Testosterone Level

It is very important for men to maintain a normal testosterone level as it boosts minerals like zinc, protein, and vitamin D. It is a vital hormone that is responsible for muscle recovery, fertility, libido, athletic ability, physical strength, and muscle and tissue repair. As men grow older, the level of testosterone decreases in their body. Shilajit is very useful for middle-aged men who experience low testosterone level as it significantly increases these hormones in the body and makes them feel rejuvenated.

Heal the Symptoms of Infertility

In a study, Shilajit was given to 60 men who were suffering from infertility. They used to take the supplement twice a day and the trial period was 90 days. At the end of it, their sperm count dramatically increased (more than 60 percent), whereas, the sperm activity increased by 12 percent. Therefore, it is considered a safe and a powerful natural substance to support male fertility.


Reduces Stress

Psychological stress affects the male reproduction and fertility. The adrenal hormones and nervous system contribute to the stress response and affect the reproductive system. Moreover, emotional stress also leads to low level of testosterone in men. Shilajit regulates the immune system that leads to lower stress level in men. This eventually improves the fertility in men.

Gives Energy Boost and Eliminates Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Shilajit also helps in the absorption of minerals by the body cells and as a result, generate energy in your body. It reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and prevents mitochondrial dysfunction – a condition that affects the cells of eyes, ears, liver, heart, kidney, muscles, nerves, brain or pancreas. If mitochondrion does not work properly, it adversely affects the ability of cells to absorb nutrients and create energy.

However, regular use of shilajit leads to proper functioning of mitochondria. It allows body cells to get proper nourishment that leads to quick recovery from illnesses and help you stay active.

Enhance Memory

Shilajit also contains dibenzo-alpha-pyrones that keep the brain chemicals from breaking down. These brain chemicals are very important for retaining memory. Another key component is fulvic acid that is very beneficial for brain health. Shilajit helps in treating cognitive disorders and regulate the cognitive activity in human beings. Sherpas, a population of strong men in the northern part of Nepal, used to take shilajit as a part of their regular diet. The supplement was considered highly effective to treat cognitive disorders and provide a healthy long life.

Fulvic acid in shilajit also prevents the accumulation of tau protein into pathological filaments. This results in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Slows down the Aging Process

The lower testosterone level in men leads to weak muscles and affects the function of body cells in the body. As discussed, shilajit helps with the proper functioning of cells and also improve the testosterone level that strengthens the muscles in your body. As a result, the body cells do not age quickly, which lead to better health and longevity.


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