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  • Raw material harvested from mountains higher than 16,000 ft above sea leve
  • Free standard shipping (2 to 4 weeks) or US$25 express shipping (8 to 12 business days)
  • Continuous daily intake for at least 3 weeks is required to realize effects for the majority of consumers. Required consumption time varies from person to person. Some consumers need shorter time and some need longer.
  • Physician consultation is recommended for diabetics and hypertension patients.
  • Should not be taken by pregnant and nursing women or young children.


Shilajit is a thick tar-like substance that exists in raw form at very high altitude mountains in specific regions. It is formed in mountains of altitude higher than 16,000 ft. at a certain pressure and temperature. Shilajit is formed by nature under these specific conditions and it cannot be created in labs. Raw Shilajit is processed to remove the natural impurities before using it. After the purification process, Shilajit needs to be dried until it becomes resinous. Some producers cook Shilajit to accelerate the drying process. Using heat in drying reduces Shilajit effectiveness. The standard drying process, which Golden Shilajit follows, requires sun light to dry Shilajit. Scientific research shows there are around 85 minerals (elements) in highest grade Shilajit samples. Humans consume Shilajit for different health purposes including (i) Energy boosting, (ii) Weight loss, (iii) improving sexual health problems, (iv) slowing down ageing process, (v) joint pains, (vi) for bones and muscles’ health, (vii) beauty recipes, and many more like these.

Golden Shilajit Origin

Golden Shilajit is the authentic Shilajit product that is extracted from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. Shilajit from this region is considered the most effective and natural Shilajit because of the highest altitude of Shilajit resources. Most of the mountains in this region are known as the killer mountains because of their height and the freezing temperature. Extracting natural Shilajit from these resources is not only toiling but also a very dangerous job. However, we are committed and very professional. We know this terrain very well and we are committed to supply the purest Himalayan region Shilajit to our customers all over the world.

Packing and Shipping

Shipping can take up to 2-4 weeks to reach the destination country when using standard free shipping. However, you can opt to use express shipping. To know more about express shipping for various countries, please read our shipping policy.

All orders are shipped within 24 hours of order placement, except the weekends. Orders received on weekends are shipped on next working day on priority basis.

Delivery Time and Tracking

We provide the tracking number of the shipment so that our valued customers can track their order. We stay in touch with our customers through emails right from the start till the order receiving at the destination country. We inform our customers about the status of the shipment when it is shipped from our end.

Customer Support

We value customer’s opinions and inquiries. We always listen and respond to our customers whenever we hear from them. Customers can contact us via given contact options.

Golden Shilajit is a good quality Shilajit product because it is extracted from the highest Shilajit reserves of Himalayas. The high altitude and the snow cover keep the Shilajit quality intact and in its natural form.  The Golden Shilajit, once extracted from the Himalayas, undergoes a series of standard purification processes to separate the Shilajit from the raw material. After the purification process is completed, the Shilajit is packed into jars according to the received orders.

Golden Shilajit Lab Certificate

We have tested our Shilajit through various testing approaches and we are satisfied with the results. However, we don’t rely on our own testing. We sent our Shilajit to an accredited laboratory for cross verification of the quality of Golden Shilajit. Golden Shilajit is no doubt the Gold grade Shilajit with all the natural ingredients. There are no preserving items or additives in Golden Shilajit. We pack and ship only when we receive orders from our valued customers.

2 reviews for Economy size (50 grams)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Shilajit is a wonderful supplement. My parents were suffering from knee joints pain, especially in the winter season. A friend of mine recommended me the Shilajit. My parents used it for 2 months and now they are feeling more fit. This product is great.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been using shilajit for around a year. I usually take it in the morning on empty stomach before workout with l-carnitine. It help to absolve the L-carnitine better. Since i started using it i think it effect my strength to be better. I stop having mid day crash. It keep me stay active. Helps on over all buddy strength. I think it also clear my body. It also effect the over all mood to be better. ITS GREAT PRDUCT I STILL USE IT AND WILL ALWAYS USE IT.

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Golden Shilajit Shipping Policy

  • No express shipping is offered for orders from USA as it takes similar time as standard shipping, which is 15 to 22 working days.

  • Express shipping is offered for other countries for $25 with expected delivery time of 8 to 12 working days.

  • Standard shipping is free for all countries with estimated delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Estimated time in this policy does not count for any delay caused by customs hold-up in the destination country.

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